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The Start of My Blog Empire


I've decided to actually do it, I am finally going to build a blog empire.

If you've visited my blog before or if you're a customer of one of my products you'll probably have heard me talk about really kicking this blog off on more than one occassion.

I have always started with good intentions but then I get side tracked with other projects.

Truthfully over the past 5-6 months I have been floating around, not getting much done, not finishing off projects.

I've still been earning a decent income but in reality I've not been pumped up and excited by any of my current projects.

How To Start A Blog

The MMO industry (make money online)​ gets a seriously hard time, even from the guys with in it.

Now although I am relatively new to the MMO industry I'm already starting to find it repetitive and boring. Even after having a number of successes in the 13 months, the money doesn't seem to cut it.

Part of them problem is knowing that a majority of my customers have never taken action on anything they have purchased, these customers are looking for push button riches.

They're not willing to put in the work.

​So where am I headed now?

Building and developing blogs, these are digital assets that hold a real world value.

Not one hit wonders to a desperate market over and over.

While launching products in the MMO industry provides a great living for some, for me I need more and also I'd like to work more independently as well.

The MMO scene is heavily reliant on building up relationships with a ton of affiliates and managing those relationship is HUGELY time consuming., something I never imagined for my business.

I want to spend time doing and learning, taking action. What I don't want to do is spend countless hours chit chatting with John about his latest car or problems with his wife just so he will support my next launch.​


What does this mean for you?

Does this mean I will be disappearing? No, I am going absolutely no-where.

Instead of releasing paid products, I will be using this blog to document everything, as I build and establish my blog empire you will get everything here, for free.

This was always the plan from day one, to give this stuff out for nothing and I am finally going to come good on that plan.

So what's the plan?

To begin with I have picked 5 niches to get started with.

For each niche I will be building out a blog and will be following a checklist for each.

Having the checklist gives me a simple process to follow and keeps me on track to make sure I don't miss a trick with any of the blogs.

This checklist is focused around the set up of the blog.

You can get a copy of this checklist for yourself below and of course, it's FREE.


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​Once the blogs are set up and ready to go I will be focusing all my efforts on adding additional content (around 1 post per week per blog).

Trraffic will be coming from 100% sources, all traffic will be driven from social media.​

Does this mean that I will no longer be launching products or support products in the MMO scene? No, not at all.

I will still be active there as I know there is a whole heap of great products that can really benefit those looking to make money online.

BUT I will be taking a step back to focus my time and energy into this project and delivering value to you here.

About the Author Mike Appleton

I am an Internet marketer from the UK and have been for the past 10+ years. I have set up this blog to share those experiences and help others with making money on the internet with high quality tutorials.

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