How To Easily Install A Wordpress Theme

How To Install A WordPress Theme

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Ok, so you've probably just created your blog and installed WordPress.

It's now to start thinking about customising your blog, this means installing a WordPress theme.

WordPress straight out of the box isn't going to win you any awards so a new theme is a MUST.

In this tutorial I will be walking you through how you can install and test drive a number of themes for free to see which best suits the look your after.

At the end I will also be giving you personal recommendation for a some premium themes that will make your blog REALLY stand out from the crowd. Premium themes are definitely more professional but also give you a ton of extra features meaning you have full control over how your blog looks and functions.

How To Install A WordPress Theme

So you've probably heard about the thousands of free themes available for WordPress? The great news is that this is true.

I will be covering the 2 easiest ways you can install a WordPress theme in this article.

Note : There is a third but for the sake of this tutorial I will be sticking to the ways which do not require additional software.

Method #1 library

The biggest library of free WordPress themes can be found at the theme library.

The great news is that you don't have to download any files.

You can install any theme found at the WP library from right inside the WordPress admin panel using the below steps.

First, you will need to login to your admin panel, this can be found at http://YOURDOMAINNAME.COM/wp-admin

Once you've logged in, click on Appearance >> Themes in the right hand menu.

install a wordpress theme

On the next screen you'll be shown the pre-installed themes, these are stock themes which are installed as part of the base WordPress installation.

To install a new WordPress theme you'll need to Click the Add New button.

install free wordpress themes

You'll then be taken to the WP theme library where you can search for themes.

Here you will be able to search by Featured, Popular, Latest & Favorites, you will also be able to filter the results using the filter option, this is a great tool for selecting theme by color, features and layouts.

wordpress theme installation

​Depending on the criteria of your search will depend on the numbers of results you will see. if you entered a strict criteria you may not get many results shown.

If you were to strict and didn't get any results or none of themes fitted what you were looking for try again but be less strict.

I searched for a specific theme Hueman.

Once you've found a theme you like the look of, you can hover over it and click Install.

steps to install a wordpress theme

​Once the theme has been downloaded and installed, all you need to do now is hit the activate button (shown below).

activate a new wordpress theme

Depending on the theme you've installed, you may want to modify the look and feel further. Inside the customer you can change a whole host of options such as adding a logo and changing the themes colour scheme.

Now each theme will be different so it's best to experiment and follow the above steps again to try a new theme if  you're not 100% happy with the results.

​Once the theme has been downloaded and installed, all you need to do now is hit the activate button (shown below).

Method #2

Uploading a theme from the web

​Once the theme has been downloaded and installed, all you need to do now is hit the activate button (shown below).

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